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Anonymous said: I've always been straight and had relationships with men, but I've always only been able to get off to lesbian porn. I've read that it's normal but I wouldn't mind a girl going down on me (or vice versa) before I die. <3 I just wanted to tell you that I'm super thankful for your amazing blog. Keep it up, baby. ;)

Thanks so much :) 

I hope you get to experience that! Stay open and awesome. 

suckmyclitout said: OMG your bllog made me so horny!! Gonna touch myself after this, can't help it! Following you now and forever


Anonymous said: i've been searching for a blog like yours for months. seriously. while i love femmes, i love seeing some bois getting dirty, too. thank you for including everyone. <3

thank you so much, i’m glad i’m inclusive :D